We can help you take your vision and turn it into a reality. Whether its for corporate advertising, live performance, or an artist creating a live show; we offer high quality production and arranging services to meet your specific needs. There is no better feeling than hearing your ideas come to life.


Custom arrangements are essential to getting any show off the ground. With our award winning arrangements you can finally get the sound you want out of your musicians. Whether you have a small trio or a full sized orchestra, Warshaw Entertainment can configure an arrangement that works for your ensemble. 

We provide a range of charts and arrangments for whatever your needs may be including:

  • Lead sheets 
  • Chord charts with rhythmic notation
  • Exact notation with rhythmic notation
  • Full exact notation
  • Custom arrangements

Any musician configuration requested can be arranged for.

*Pricing varies depending on project size and length.   

Production and Tracking

The standard is high for live performance in todays market. One of the key elements that brings a performance to the next level of excellence and consistency is top quality custom backing tracks. 

Warshaw Entertainment provides a wide range of production tracking for whatever your needs may be including:

  • Click track including cues

  • Click, cues and backing tracks

  • Click, cues and full orchestration

  • Full length click, cues and backing tracks for production style shows

*Pricing varies depending on project size and length.  

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